About Us

Granby Somali Women’s Group was established in 1994 and after struggling to gain funding the Granby Somali Women’s Group were able to develop a centre at 12 Beaconsfield Street, Liverpool, which is were they reside today.

The organisation has grown from strength to strength over the years but the work is never ending, as there are so many in need, while the organisation was originally intended for Somali women we now also assist women from the BRM community.

Our main mission is to help breakdown barriers for BRM Groups and especially the Somali Community in Liverpool. We are normally the first port of contact for marginalized groups and we try to impose the belief of self-help on our service users, by involving them in the projects which are being offered. By gaining this self-help, service users self-confidence and self-esteem grows enabling them to aspire to reach their goals, which they believe are attainable.

Our aspirations for the future are:

Growth will be a key focus of the organisation in the coming year. With growth will come more services and service users who will gain the skills and encouragement they need from the organisation, to change their lives and not become another statistic, in another deprived area. By Developing as an organisation, service users will be able to see a range of activities materialize in the area of mentoring programmes, youth projects, IT Clubs, parenting classes for new mothers, healthy eating sessions, etc (all ideas already suggested by service users).

Hopefully by growing and developing as an organisation, Granby Somali Women’s Group will be a pioneer for groups in Liverpool to follow. Granby Somali Women’s Group would like services users of the organisation to be able to integrate into Liverpool and have the same accessibility to services that everyone else has in Liverpool.

By working in partnership with service providers, voluntary and community groups, Granby Somali Women’s Group will lead the way, by illustrating that marginalized communities can integrate into society and become part of the community at large. The group will strive to breakdown barriers in the area of language by holding ESOL Classes, in the area of prejudice by highlighting anti-discriminative practice and breakdown social exclusion by involving excluded groups in mentoring programmes, volunteering projects and training schemes which can help their future goals.