Case Studies

Case Study 1

The charity is very important for service users, an example of breaking down discrimination and the ability for Granby Somali Women’s Group to bring about equality of services for these women, is illustrated in this case study account from our office manager.

"Within the last six months a lady whose first language is Somali came to the centre needing help desperately. Her only child at the age of twelve had been excluded from school permanently. The school knew she had a language problem and did not bother to inform her when her child had been in trouble or even call her into the office to discuss why the school had taken this action.

When the woman arrived at the centre, the link worker who is employed to aid service users with their problems was at a meeting that day. Instead of sending the woman away, the office manager via a volunteer interpreter at the centre asked what the problem was and if she could help the woman. After the office manager had gathered all the vital information, she set up a meeting with the school, allocated the case to the link worker, arranged for the link worker to attend the meeting with her. She also contacted the Education Inclusion Department within the City Council to receive independent advice.

By providing this service, the office manager was able to breakdown the barriers of exclusion this woman was facing as she was unable to access help and advice, due to lack of services available by mainstream providers in community languages.”

This excellent piece of work carried out by the office manager and link worker highlights why exactly the Granby Somali Women’s Group had originated and why the services they provide are so vital to the BME Communities, within the Liverpool 8 area.

Case Study 2

Sara Abdi a regular service user, tells us how her first few months in Liverpool were impacted by the help and support she received at Granby Somali Women’s Group:

“I had recently come out of a abusive relationship and felt I had no where to turn to, a friend told me about the help on offer at Granby Somali Women’s Group. When I entered the charity I met nothing but friendly staff, who showed me the numerous services I could access to help me with my situation. Due to my poor English they interpreted for me and helped me find an evening course in office studies, they also helped me get in touch with an housing officer to help me and my children find somewhere safe to stay.”